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Unit 2: Pregnancy and Child Birth

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Prenatal Development


  • In this chapter, students learn how pregnancy occurs.  They learn how the baby forms during pregnancy and what affects the baby during pregnancy.  Students learn that a pregnant woman’s consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can have divesting effects on the baby.



  • Outline what occurs during each of the three stages of prenatal development.

  • Contrast miscarriage and stillbirth

  • Identify how teen major birth defects can be diagnosed.

  • Summarize the hazards that alcohol and other drugs pose to prenatal development

  • Assess why environmental hazards must be avoided during pregnancy

  • Describe how a fetus can be affected by certain illnesses that mother may contract.

Prenatal Development Overview Link


Would you like to know more about Alcohol during pregnancy? 
Would you like to learn more about Caffeine During Pregnancy?  Check out this link at Baby Center.
Preparing for Birth


  • In this chapter, students learn about the early signs of pregnancy and the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy.  Students also learn the many ways parents must prepare for the birth of their child and of the delivery options available.



  • Identify the early signs of pregnancy

  • Explain the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy

  • List six categories of basic baby supplies

  • Describe why parents need to develop a budget

  • Identify ways expectant parents can prepare for the birth of a child

  • Compare and contrast the options for the delivery of the baby.


Preparing for Birth Overview Link


What we learn before we are born. By Annie Murphy Paul at TEDGolbal Conference 2011

The Baby’s Arrival Overview


Chapter Overview:

In this chapter, students learn about labor and birth.  Labor is divided into three distinct stages. After birth, the baby is immediately examined for any signs of abnormalities.  Parents immediately begin bonding with the newborn. During the postnatal period, women have special physical and emotional needs.


Chapter Objectives:

  • Describe the progression of labor.

  • Explain what happens during a cesarean birth.

  • List the factors that can contribute to a premature birth.

  • Describe a newborn’s appearance immediately after birth.

  • Identify the exams and procedures given to a newborn in the first few days.

  • Review what occurs during the hospital stay after delivery.

  • Summarize the physical and emotional needs of a new mother.


Chapter Notes


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