Lab Information 

Lab Objectives:

  • Students are able to demonstrate the ability to plan and prepare healthful meals and snacks using the available resources.
  • Students are able to select a way to store, prepare and serve food for optimum nutrition.
  • Students are able to demonstrate their knowledge of food safety and sanitation procedures.
  • Students are able to demonstrate the ability to complete tasks and make edible food in a  timely manner.


Group  Objectives:

Each lab the Meal Managers will lead their group to identify and write a group objective that encourages the group to grow in meal preparation skills.  This group lab objective will be written on the Foods Labs Sheet using a complete sentence.


Lab  Steps

Step 1: Complete Food Lab Sheet

Step 2: Prepare for Lab

Step 3: Implement Your Lab Plan

Step 4: Complete Lab Evaluation

Place Setting

Food & Nutrition Lab Recipes

Absent on

Lab Day

Lab Evaluations

Lab Time Information

International Foods Recipes

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