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Reciepes for Foods and Nutrtion 2 Labs
1. Omelet
2. Lettuce Wraps
  • Your lab group will choose a lettuce wrap from below to create.  Enjoy!
3. Zucchini Lab
  • Each lab kitchen will be making a different Zucchini recipe to share with the whole class.
  • When reading through your recipe please think about how you will share your lab groups samples.
  • Each kitchen will make a poster that has the following information:
    • Title of Recipe
    • Lab Group Members
    •  Serving sizes of the food groups in the recipe.
    • List of Ingredients
4. Stuffed French Toast
  • The recipe link above is to make the calzone crust.  Don't forget that you get to choose your filling.
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
7. Cauliflower Rice Lab
8. Soft Pretzels
    • We will not be making the sauces.  Cheese sauce will be provided.
    • This lab will be done in two class periods.
      • First Class Period
        • You will make the dough
        • Then put the dough in an oiled zip bag and let it rise in the refrigerator overnight. Make sure to label your bag with your kitchen information and hour.
      • Second Class Period
        • Get the dough out and place on a warm oven and allow to rise.
        • Make the water solution and roll dough out.
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