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Were you unable to be in class to participate in the lab?
If a student is absent from class on lab day then the student must complete a Home Lab.
All labs must be made up the Friday before the end of the quarter. 
What to cook for your Home Lab?
Student can make the recipe that they were to help create in class or choose another recipe with 5 steps.  
Unacceptable items to make for Home Lab would be the following:
  • cake mixes
  • brownie mixes
  • mac and cheese from a box
  • Minute Rice
  • Anything that has less than 5 steps.
Directions for the Home Lab
  1. You are to cook the lab recipes at home.
  2. Part of Foods Labs are filling out the correct paper work that I (Mrs. Ball) requires. Please
  3. make sure Food Lab Plan Sheet was completed.
  4. Part of the process of cooking is clean up, be sure to finish the job you begin.
  5. Be honest in your evaluation. If you make a mistake, simple learn from it.
  6. Enjoy growing as a cook.
  7. Remember, signatures are required on the Home Lab Sheet.
  8. Provide Evidence that you completed the Home Lab, such as pictures of you completing each step the lab or recording of yourself completing the lab.
  9. Make sure your name, class hour and student number are on your Home Lab Sheet.
All labs must be made up the Friday before the end of the quarter.
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